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About nio

NIO offers international investors investment opportunities in Budapest and performs as a "One Stop Shop" to facilitate our clients' needs. We provide our clients with a full suite of comprehensive real estate investment services to meet our clients' financial goals. From detecting and analysing your Off-Market investment opportunity to betterment the acquired property, professionally manage the assets for you, and perform any other required activity to increase your asset's value and position in the Rental Market and Selling Market.

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Our Story

We started just like you. Two best friends looking for ways to invest the money we saved from our daily job. We were always in the business, but from a different side of it, one as a Real Estate and Corporate Lawyer and one as a VP of Sales and Marketing in one of the largest real estate companies in Budapest, but we couldn't believe how hard it is to find someone reliable who can provide us an "Opportunity" and of course, the full picture regarding the property (we always found that something was hidden from us). Right away we understood the needs in the market and the value that we can bring to the table for other investors. 7 years ago, we started small, buying some properties for ourselves, renovating them, renting and selling, after we felt 300% comfortable, we started to accept other investors to join us. Today, we are the address for any real estate investor in Budapest.

Our Vision

Our goal is to ensure that our clients successfully expand and diversify their income sources in a steady and gradual way. Through investing in income-producing properties, we aim to help our investors reach economic security and build their legacy. We are committed to 100% dedication, professionalism, creativity and transparency. We aspire to become the best property investment company in Europe and to provide inspiration as a company that operates in a different and unique way. 

Developed and costumised to enhance returns on your investment

Meet team nio

At nio we are passionate about creating the property management industry of the future. We believe that requires a wide range of perspectives. Team nio is therefore made up of engineers, architects, marketers, lawyers, accountants, assets managers and account managers that all share the same vision; a smarter property management industry.


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Assets Management




Interior Designer


Nandor Matyasi

Deal Hunter






Nadav Ida, Advocate

Founder & Co-CEO

Specialised in Corporate & Real Estate Law.

Consulted to 15 International real estate companies in their day to day issues, M&A, IPOs and business development.


Nadav Segerman

Founder & Co-CEO

Specialised in CEE real estate markets, assets management and consulted in hundreds of real estate transactions.

In The Press

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Worthwhile deal or a trap for inexperienced investors? 

Many investors who have been tempted by the low price of a seemingly attractive property have been surprised to find that it cannot be sold or rented and that their investment has gone down the drain and even accrue's management and maintenance expenses.

With us, this does not happen.


"Thousands of people are seeking real estate investments and indeed there are some opportunities, but also risks "


"if you are dealing in real estate investments, you probably know NIO"


"What makes Budapest the investment capital of Europe are the people who manage your investment"

Our Properties

Developing tourism, thriving academia and attractive prices are just some of the factors that attracts many international investors to the Budapest Real Estate Market. 

High yields and a constant rise in the assets value, make them stay and reap the rewards.


"We believe in combining professional responsibility, courage, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in every transaction.

Our results proves it."

- Nadav Ida, CEO


Team Members


12 months transactions


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