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Accompanied by experienced professionals, lawyers, accountants, analysts, renovations department and assets managers.


  • Understanding the client's needs and financial goals

  • Build a suited Investment Strategy

  • Analyse & Suit the property to the client's requirements

  • Negotiate the deal to execute the business plan

  • Sign the Purchase Contract & Receive full ownership


  • Prepare professional architectural plans

  • Execute the renovation plans in the highest standards

  • Supervise the renovation execution

  • Control the renovation budget (every euro counts)

  • Prepare the property for rental


  • Advertising the property to our Vetted Tenants Data Base

  • Show the property to potential tenants

  • Sign the Rental Agreement with the chosen tenant

  • Receive the Security Deposit & Rent to our secured account

  • Manage & Maintanace 

  • Transfer the Rental Fees to the client's bank account on a monthly/quarterly basis

  • Manage the bookkeeping and annual tax reports

With Full Transparency

NIO clients benefit from our new proprietary technology that emphasises our focus on full transparency. Everyone of our investors can access a live dashboard to get updated on their property status and find all the relevant documents, invoices, and reports.


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What we invest at?


Real Estate requires local specialization, creativity, and in-depth sectoral knowledge. It requires understanding of the neighbourhoods, the population and areas with strong upside potential. We specialise in the area of Budapest and have a strong grasp on the market's trends and movements which allow us to analyse and assess the investments opportunities at a complete different level than other investments companies on the market in order to generate higher returns. 


We are analyzing deals in a highly conservative risk-managed way that reflects in our assumptions. We will always calculate the future rental fees and disposition value-point in prices that can be achieved by a mediocre real estate agent, and it still will be good for our clients.

Special Asset Types

We focus on Off Market Value-Added properties, targeting yield-producing assets with the potential for substantially increased returns through the management and capital improvements. The post-purchase plan usually includes modifications and renovations, replacing rental agreements, and combining different rental models in order to improve occupancy rates and returns.

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Choose 100.  Analyze 10.  Buy 1.

Worthwhile deal or a trap for inexperienced investors? 
​Many investors who have been tempted by the low price of a seemingly attractive property have been surprised to find that it cannot be sold or rented and that their investment has gone down the drain and even accrue management and maintenance expenses. With us, this does not happen.


Act in our clients' best interests with undivided loyalty and good faith. In our industry, this is called a fiduciary duty. At NIO Investments, this standard of integrity drives our every action. We present a complete and as accurate as possible breakdown of the costs associated with the transaction. There won't be even one small detail that we won't share with you.

Customer Investment

The goal of customer care and building a relationship of transparency and trust is through becoming a "strategic partner" - satisfaction is not only from the purchase process but also from the care that follows.
This guiding principle is our company's leading factor in returning customers and receiving new inquiries from acquaintances of those buyers.

Rigorous Vetting

Whether buying a property that will produce a stable monthly return or buying a property to flip, most of the deals offered today to investors are usually expensive and do not match the market value. Our properties go through rigorous vetting, which means that our experts sweat through all the research for you and scrutinize every aspect of the project in order to ensure strong financial standing and solid plans.

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